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Adame, 11

Calling all active families! Nine-year-old Adame is on the move! Whether he’s riding his bike, going for a hike, or just exploring the great outdoors. Adame loves to move around. Adame is also incredibly caring. He makes connections with others and desires to show people that he cares for them. This young man has a lot of love to give! A great family for Adame will be committed to reassuring their support. Can you be the family for Adame?

Adame, 14

Alexis, PLACED

Alexis is a smart, resilient, and confident young lady. She knows what she wants and is able to speak her mind in an articulate and respectful way. Alexis is social, outgoing, active and engaging. In her afterschool program, she volunteers as a mentor to the younger children, and even won an award for leadership. She is excited to be adopted! Might you be the forever family for Alexis?

Alexis GH-UMFS NOVA-Alexandria  DSS (1)_

Amber, 14

Amber has a unique personality and will keep you laughing. She has the motivation and determination to make all of her dreams come true. Amber enjoys sports such as basketball and running. Amber would do best in a structured home where she would be encouraged to express herself freely. Amber would do well in a single mother family with sisters close to her age.

Amber Piedmont Shenandoah Valley.jpg

Ayana, 15

Ayana is intelligent and at times outspoken. She enjoys swimming, sports, and singing in the school choir. Her favorite activities are making bracelets, riding her bike, exercising, and listening to music. Ayana will require supervision when using electronics, as well as a family that is firm and nurturing. She will mature best if she is the youngest child in the home.

Ayana NOVA Fairfax .jpg

Blake, 13

Blake is active, loves the outdoors, and enjoys pets, and sports. His preferred sports are football, baseball, and basketball. He has a sense of humor that keeps friends and family entertained. Blake’s is very sociable; his smile can light up a room. Blake enjoys school and his favorite subjects are Math and Science. He is a leader in his class and seeks to be helpful. Blake states he has fond memories of going fishing as a younger child and would like to go fishing again soon. Blake has a career goal of becoming a police officer.

Blake B-UMFS-Harrisonburg DSS.jpg

 Brien, 16

Brien loves to make people laugh, enjoys playing outside and being a nurturer. He is very caring and enjoyable to be around. He shows an interest in team sports, such as football, but would also enjoy riding his bike or playing video games. Brien would thrive with a family that encourages him academically. He would like to live in a rural setting where he can play outside.   

Brien Shenandoah Valley DSS 042018.jpg

China, 14

China is outgoing, energetic, and social.  She is a member of the Drama Club and enjoys singing and dancing as well as performing (acting). Some of her favorite activities are shopping, having her hair done, and riding her bike.  China possess leadership qualities, enjoys community events such as church, being a student and fashion.   

China-CHS-March 2019 .jpg

Christian, 17

Christian, who likes to be called Chris, is outgoing and engaging. He makes friends easily with his  sense of humor and kind smile. He likes to play sports, as well as board and computer games. Chris' favorite sport is basketball, but he also likes to bike, swim, and play football, baseball, kickball, and soccer!!  He enjoys being outdoors and fishing. His spirituality is important to him, and he reads his Bible daily. He has previously participated in the church choir. Chris needs a supportive family that is consistent, predictable, engaged, and nurturing. 

Christian M-Fairfax DFS_edited.jpg

Collin, 11 ON HOLD

Collin is a nine year old sports fanatic. He’s a unique boy who likes rap music, Sponge Bob Square Pants, and pizza. Collin needs parents who are patient and committed to him. Collin is a great self-advocate, but he deserves parents who can take that responsibility off of his hands.

Collin-UMFS-Fauquier DSS_edited.jpg

 Evelyn, 15

Evelyn is sweet, funny, and really polite.  She is very artistic and enjoys drawing and coloring. She also loves staying active and enjoys swimming and gymnastics.  Evelyn will thrive in a family that encourages her academically.  Evelyn should be the youngest or only child  in the home.  She would also do best in a home with no pets.  

Evelyn F-Shenandoah Valley DSS April 201
Issabelle - Shenandoah Valley DSS Apr 201

Issabelle, 14

Issabelle is a beautiful 14 year old. She is a very smart and loving child.  Issabelle enjoys playing outdoors, riding bikes, hiking. She loves animals, particularly horses. She enjoys being cuddled and spoken to softly. She is tall for her age and appears older for her age. She is extremely smart and does well academically in school.  Issabelle is the third of five children. Her other siblings have been adopted.  Issabelle has indicated her concerns that she is not in a home. She talks about going to a family that lives in a rural setting, have animals, (particularly dogs) and a family who likes to be active outdoors.  

Ja'mia, 10

Ja'mia is a bubbly 9 year old who is a joy to be around! She enjoys being outdoors and riding horses. Ja’mia is very loving – one of her favorite activities is taking care of her baby dolls and her stuffed animals. She yearns for a family she can love on, too! Ja’mia would love to have older siblings and is open to having a dog as well. 

Jaden, 14

Jaden is a very bright and inquisitive young man.  He is quite the athlete and loves playing basketball and football.   Football is his favorite! He's having a great season.  Jaden can often be found outside exploring nature and experiencing the great outdoors.  Jaden's favorite subjects in school are math and science.  He has maintained a perfect attendance record at school.  Jaden needs to be welcomed into a warm and supportive family.  

Jaden Willams Danville DSS Resized

James, 15

James is calling all outdoor enthusiasts! Meet 15 year old James, who goes by “JJ.” JJ loves playing outdoors and misses his time in the Boy Scouts. He also likes trains and toy cars. One of JJ’s favorite things to collect is Coca-Cola memorabilia! JJ needs a family that will help him process through his grief and loss, as well as help maintain contact with his siblings  

JJ (James) NOVA UMFS.jpg

Jefferson, PLACED 

Jefferson loves interacting with those around him.  He has a positive “I can to it attitude” and is self-motivated. He enjoys playing with Legos, cars and action figures.  He also loves swimming and kicking a soccer ball.  Jefferson’s forever family needs to be calm, patient, consistent, and able to handle the needs of a child with cerebral palsy.  This family should be eager to help this youngster reach his full potential.   

Jefferson - Fairfax DSS.PNG

Jordan, 15

Jordan is an outdoors kind of guy.  He is captivated by bugs and animals and would love being with a family who will share exploring outdoor adventures with him.  He loves to ride bikes, throw a football, and even mow the grass! This teen also enjoys being at school and does well with his behavior at school. Jordan loves going to church and being part of church youth groups. He is a wonderful kid with which to have a conversation and enjoys helping those around him. 

Jordan Piedmont Shenandoah Valley.jpg

Mariana, 14

Is a spunky 14 year old who loves to sing.  She will give you a concert any minute of the day.  Mariana loves to travel and do new things. Mariana loves animals and would like to be in a home with pets.  She is a great self-advocate and articulates her needs well.  She is shy, but gets along well with children who are older or younger.  She also enjoys helping out with tasks. Are you that forever family for Mariana?

Marianna-DePaul-Roanoke County DSS.jpg

Sade, 13                                                                               

Sade is a 13 year old who needs the care, nurturing, and loving environment of a patient supportive adoptive family. She enjoys physical affection such as cuddling and hugging. Sade has a beautiful smile and sings like an angel! Sade responds well to a soft calm approach. She is a sweet and delightful little girl who deserves a loving and devoted family. 

Sade2 Piedmont Shenandoah Valley .jpg

Sway, 13                                                                               

Sway is very nurturing and cares deeply for others. One of her goals for the future is to run her own therapeutic treatment facility for kids! Sway’s favorite class is art and she enjoys drawing and doing crafts. She is also determined to look forward to the future instead of dwelling in the past. 

Sway NOVA  UMFS.jpg

William, 13                                                                               

William enjoys playing basketball and football, as well as chilling on the couch watching movies. He has a very unique sense of humor, and loves to joke around. William would thrive in a family that would encourage and help him continue to develop skills for dealing with tough situations. William would benefit from a family that is able to provide daily structure. 

William Piedmont Shenandoah Valley.jpg

TJ, 15                                                                               

Meet TJ, a very bright and insightful 15-year-old who really enjoys family time - chatting, outings, playing games and traveling. He likes watching football (especially the Patriots) and building with Legos 1000-piece sets and beyond. TJ enjoys visiting the library and is often found with a book in hand. A rare gem as a teen, he likes to clean and is very good at it! TJ's favorite quote is “Try, try again.”

Timothy TJ.jpg

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