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Waiting Children

Adame, 13

Calling all active families! thirteen-year-old Adam is on the move! Whether he’s riding his bike, going for a hike, or just exploring the great outdoors. Adame loves to move around. Adame is also incredibly caring. He makes connections with others and desires to show people that he cares for them. This young man has a lot of love to give! A great family for Adam will be committed to reassuring their support. Can you be the family for Adame?

Adam S - Fairfax DFS - Sitting On Beanch #2 - Northern.jpg

Anthony, 16

Anthony has experienced several losses including the death of his grandmother and being separated from his siblings. He recently gained part time employment and his school performance has improved!  A typical teen, Anthony enjoys bike riding,  playing basketball, and playing  video games. Anthony would benefit from a strong two parent home.


Ayana, 17

Ayana is intelligent and at times outspoken. She enjoys swimming, sports, and singing in the school choir. Her favorite activities are making bracelets, riding her bike, exercising, and listening to music. Ayana will require supervision when using electronics, as well as a family that is firm and nurturing. She will mature best if she is the youngest child in the home.

Ayana - Fairfax DSS - NOVA - Cowboys Jersey.png

Day'Von, 12

Day’Von is a 12 year old male whose favorite subject is Science. He works very hard in school while being active playing tennis and football. Day’Von also enjoys completing crafts and has passion for animals, especially cats.  He wants to be a part of a family, and live closer to his twin brother in Hampton Roads. Day’von would be successful in a household where he is an only child. Are you the forever family that Day’von is waiting for?   



Demarion is full of life and energy which enables every day to be filled with adventure. Demarion is very social and loves to interact with both children and adults. He is a very curious and inquisitive child who is always asking questions. Demarion has no issue expressing his needs and wants and can become very passionate regarding them. Some of Demarion’s interests include Legos, video games, soccer, and being outdoors. Rubik’s Cubes is one of his favorite challenges. He also enjoys superhero movies, flaming hot Cheetos, Oodles of Noodles, and bacon cheeseburgers from Burger King. If you are that family, please don’t miss out on another minute without this wonderful boy!

Demarion - Portsmouth DSS - Eastern - Computer.jpg

Elijah, 9

Elijah is a truly delightful 9-year-old boy!!  He absolutely loves life and you know it whenever you are in his presence!   Despite all that he has been through, Elijah has joy and that is evident as he listens to music, throws his Nerf toys around,  and claps his hand in delight at something he enjoys.  Elijah has faced a lot of difficulties in his young life.  He is wheel-chair bound and visually impaired.  He is non-verbal, but he hears very well responds to the voices of those he knows and loves.  Elijah is fed via a gastro-tube, but that does not stop him from laughing, giggling, and enjoying life overall!   The wheelchair doesn’t hold Elijah back; he will rock it back and forth and move around as he needs to. 

Elijah Flyer Age 9 - Eastern.jpg

Ethan, 16

Ethan is a smart, funny, and lovable young man. He is an outdoorsman and enjoys playing basketball, football, and riding his bike. He is very active and would thrive in an active family. Indoors, Ethan enjoys board games. Ethan does well academically! His favorite subject in school is science; however, math-not so much. Ethan really enjoys church and would love a family who values church. Ethan has stated that he would love a family with pets!  


Jayla, 16 (Placement Pending)

Jayla is kindhearted and loving with a radiant smile.   She is also quite outgoing and talkative.  Jayla recently celebrated a sweet sixteen birthday and truly enjoyed being the center of attention! She loves to sing, make videos, and doing hair.  In fact,  Jayla is a real girlie-girl; her appearance is important!  Jayla is the oldest of a sibling group of four, and while the siblings will not be in the same household, the family that welcomes her must be willing to allow her to maintain contact with her bio siblings.  Jayla is quite caring and has often taken care of her younger siblings.  A family for Jayla will encourage her to enjoy being a teen without the responsibility of caring for other children.  Jayla is now in a single-parent foster home.  A two-parent family or a single mom is the preferred adoptive family for her. 


Justin, 12

Justin is a quiet and reserved child who enjoys living and experiencing his Vietnamese culture.  His favorite foods are shrimp, chicken wings, noodles, and Vietnamese dishes.  His forever family must be willing to help him express and be involved with his heritage.  Justin struggles in school and with opening up to others.  The family for him should be firm, but patient and flexible.  Although he is quiet, Justin wants to be a part of a family that does things together like playing board games, enjoying weekend activities, and spending quality time together.  

Justin N - Va Beach DSS - Eastern #2.png

Justin W, 17

This is a 17-year-old who needs and wants a family that will support him and encourages him as he continues to develop and move through his late teenage years and complete high school. This well-rounded teen is very smart and does well in school.  He enjoys writing poetry and he enjoys rap music. In fact, writing poetry and taking walks are his “go-to” activities for chilling.  Justin likes playing basketball and watching NFL football.  He is a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  A family for Justin will understand the balance between being flexible and providing structure. 

Justin W - James City DSS - Eastern.png

Lilith, 12

Lilith, who goes by Lilly, is a sweet and precocious 12-year-old girl with a beautiful singing voice. Lilly works hard in school and loves learning new things. She also enjoys dancing and listening to music. Lilly is very technologically savvy, and loves playing with gadgets. One of her favorite things to do is to spend time outside, especially on the playground and going horseback riding. She is also a big sister, and she loves spending time with her little sister who has already been adopted. Lilly says what she wants more than anything is to find a forever family to call her own. Are you Lily’s forever family?

Lilly - Rockington DSS - Northern - Close Up.jpg

Makyhi, 10

His friends call him “Ki.” Ki is 10 years old and enjoys martial arts! Ki is very energetic and enjoys playing video games, and playing outside with other children in the neighborhood, and he really likes dogs. Some would say Ki is talkative, but he loves conversation! Ki feels that he can communicate better with adults than kids his own age. Ki has a very strong faith and enjoys prayer. Can you be his forever family?

Makyhi - Fredericksburg DSS - NOVA -.jpg

Matthew, 15
Matthew is intelligent, a great self-advocate, politically motivated, and creative.  He likes music, plays the trumpet and in learning the trombone.  A well-rounded young man, Matthew likes cars, trucks as well as riding horses.  Matthew is working on making good choices and decisions and thinking before speaking or reacting.  He needs a family that is structured and one that will help him with decision-making skills and peer interactions.  

Matthew Boyd- Cheseapeake DSS-Eastern Red and Blue Jacket.jpg

Montreal, 14

Montreal is funny, high-energy, and outspoken.  He is quite sociable.  He enjoys meeting new
people and engaging in good conversation.  He is very active, and loves playing outdoors and
interacting with both kids and adults.  He plays basketball and football and loves swimming at the YMCA and riding his bike.  A boy with many interests, Montreal loves to cook!  A two-parent
family is preferred.  He is looking for a family that will love him, nurture him and help keep him
stay focused in school.   

Montreal - Eastern - Yellow Jersey.jpg
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