Waiting Children

Adam, 12

Calling all active families! Nine-year-old Adam is on the move! Whether he’s riding his bike, going for a hike, or just exploring the great outdoors. Adame loves to move around. Adame is also incredibly caring. He makes connections with others and desires to show people that he cares for them. This young man has a lot of love to give! A great family for Adam will be committed to reassuring their support. Can you be the family for Adame?

Adame S - Fairfax DFS .jpg

Alexander, 17

Alex is a sweet and funny 17-year-old who enjoys being active, loves all sports, and also likes projects where he can be creative, such as drawing or painting. His many talents also include being very good at chess and card games. Alex likes to fish and he would like to have older siblings that he can look up to. He enjoys learning new skills in an interactive way. A great family for Alex is those who can set clear boundaries and provide unconditional support. Are you that family? 

Alex J - Fairfax DFS.jpg

Amber, 16

Amber has a unique personality and will keep you laughing. She has the motivation and determination to make all of her dreams come true. Amber enjoys sports such as basketball and running. Amber would do best in a structured home where she would be encouraged to express herself freely. Amber would do well in a single mother family with sisters close to her age.

Amber Piedmont Shenandoah Valley.jpg

Amontae, 9

Amontae is a fun-loving, creative, and inquisitive child.  He taps into his imagination and enjoys pretend play, wrestling, and all things Michael Jackson! He has a contagious, charismatic personality! He is a very bright third-grader and an honor roll student.  Amontae sometimes struggles with remaining focused in school, but he is always able to be redirected.  He is well mannered, engaging and direct.  Amontae has behavioral challenges that require redirection and firm boundaries. A two-parent family is preferred.  That family should also support his remaining in a relationship with an older brother.


Anthony, 16

Anthony has experienced several losses including the death of his grandmother and being separated from his siblings. He recently gained part time employment and his school performance has improved!  A typical teen, Anthony enjoys bike riding,  playing basketball, and playing  video games. Anthony would benefit from a strong two parent home.


Ayana, 16

Ayana is intelligent and at times outspoken. She enjoys swimming, sports, and singing in the school choir. Her favorite activities are making bracelets, riding her bike, exercising, and listening to music. Ayana will require supervision when using electronics, as well as a family that is firm and nurturing. She will mature best if she is the youngest child in the home.

Ayana NOVA Fairfax .jpg

Blake, 13

There are so many wonderful things to say about Blake, an amazing young man that has a smile that will light up a room. Blake is a natural leader and always seeking to help others. He has a sense of humor that keeps friends and family entertained and a warm caring nature that makes him such a joy to be around. Blake finds school enjoyable and excels in academics with his favorite subjects being Math and Science. Blake enjoys playing video games, ball and has a career goal of becoming a police officer.   Blake states that he has fond memories of going fishing as a younger child and would to go fishing soon. His preferred sports are football, baseball, and basketball.  Blake can’t wait to be a part of a loving, caring, and supportive forever family he can reciprocate love and maybe some fishing as well.

Blake - Harrisonburg DSS - Northern.jpg

Carlos, 14

Hi, my name is Carlos. I want a family where I can just "be myself." I enjoy drawing, painting, cooking, and designing clothing for my brand. When I am not doing one of those things, I am probably talking to my friends on the phone. " When my clothing brand blows up, I'm going to help homeless people by getting them housing, clothing, and whatever else they need to put a smile on their faces." Carlos's friends admire him for being so thoughtful and for being a listener.  

J Carlos #3 - Loudoun DSS - Northern.jpe

Danny, 14

Danny loves music and is a big fan of Michael Jackson and will often dance to his songs; Thriller being his favorite. He has a loving and sweet personality. Danny loves to be active indoors and outdoors; nothing like gym time. Often, Danny is shy around new people. Danny has a strong connection with his biological mother and step-mother. Local would like a family that is open to communication after the adoption has been finalized (face-to-face, phone calls, zoom, etc.) Whatever the adoptive family is comfortable with. Danny wants a permanent family and open to any family type. Can that be you?   

Danny W - Louisa DSS.jpg


Demarion is full of life and energy which enables every day to be filled with adventure. Demarion is very social and loves to interact with both children and adults. He is a very curious and inquisitive child who is always asking questions. Demarion has no issue expressing his needs and wants and can become very passionate regarding them. Some of Demarion’s interests include Legos, video games, soccer, and being outdoors. Rubik’s Cubes is one of his favorite challenges. He also enjoys superhero movies, flaming hot Cheetos, Oodles of Noodles, and bacon cheeseburgers from Burger King. If you are that family, please don’t miss out on another minute without this wonderful boy!

Demarion - Portsmouth DSS - Eastern.jpg

Ethan, 16

Ethan is a smart, funny, and lovable young man. He is an outdoorsman and enjoys playing basketball, football, and riding his bike. He is very active and would thrive in an active family. Indoors, Ethan enjoys board games. Ethan does well academically! His favorite subject in school is science; however, math-not so much. Ethan really enjoys church and would love a family who values church. Ethan has stated that he would love a family with pets!  


Hailey, 14

Hailey is a 14-year-old young lady who loves to draw, script plays, and is an avid reader of fantasy novels. She is in the ninth grade and does well in school. Hailey enjoys animals and would love to live in the country. In the past she enjoyed gymnastics. Hailey also plays the clarinet! Hailey is energetic and is eager to find her adoptive family! Hailey thrives in an active, structured home and would do best with a family that is committed to providing her attention and support. Could that be you? 

Hailey L-Orange DSS-SEPT 2020.JPG

Jaden, 15

Jaden is a very bright and inquisitive young man.  He is quite the athlete and loves playing basketball and football.   Football is his favorite! He's having a great season.  Jaden can often be found outside exploring nature and experiencing the great outdoors.  Jaden's favorite subjects in school are math and science.  He has maintained a perfect attendance record at school.  Jaden needs to be welcomed into a warm and supportive family.  

Jaden Willams Danville DSS Resized

Jacob, 14                                         

Jacob is a special little boy with a huge heart! Jacob loves to show his affection to others by giving hugs and kisses. He gets along with other children, but he prefers to play alone—especially playing with Legos, things that move and make noise, and the outdoors. He requires full time love and assistance with his daily living skills; however, he is able to perform some tasks independently. Jacob reaches his full potential with normalcy, consistency, and a structured routine. Jacob attends public school full time and has special supports in place to help him while in school. Jacob has a special bond with his younger brother, Mark.   

Mark, 13

Mark is active, energetic and loving. He enjoys riding his bike, listening to rap music and playing with balls. Mark is independent and can complete his daily living tasks on his own. At times, Mark may require redirection and guidance in his daily activities. Mark is smart, expressive and does will in school.  An athletic guy, Mark enjoys playing football and being outdoors. Mark loves his older brother Jacob and desires to be in a family with him. Could you be the loving family for both Mark and Jacob?

Jacob Thurston - Eastern.jpg
Mark Thurston - Eastern.jpg

Justin, 12

Justin is a quiet and reserved child who enjoys living and experiencing his Vietnamese culture.  His favorite foods are shrimp, chicken wings, noodles, and Vietnamese dishes.  His forever family must be willing to help him express and be involved with his heritage.  Justin struggles in school and with opening up to others.  The family for him should be firm, but patient and flexible.  Although he is quiet, Justin wants to be a part of a family that does things together like playing board games, enjoying weekend activities, and spending quality time together.  

Justin N. - Va Beach DSS - Eastern.png

Makayhi, 8

Hi! My name is Makyhi, but my friends call me “Ki”. I am  8 years old and enjoys martial arts. I’m energetic and enjoy playing video games, playing outside with children in my neighborhood, and really like dogs. Some say I am talkative, but hey, I like a conversation! Sometimes I feel that I am able to communicate better with adults than kids my own age. I have a very strong faith and enjoy prayer. I’m in the 3rd grade and do very well in school. I remain positive and practice patience while I wait for my forever family. After all, the best things in life are worth waiting for!   

Makyhi - Fredericksburg DSS.jpg

Rainque, 16

Ranique is a bi-racial male and he presents as African American and he would prefer an African American family. Unlike some teens, Ranique has a passion for nature and outdoor activities. During his free time, he often enjoys reading comic books, watching superhero movies, and playing basketball. His favorite superheroes are the Avengers. Three words to describe Ranique would be intelligent, loving, and spontaneous. He possesses strengths that aid him in being successful at whatever he focuses his attention on. Rainque has a strong relationship with his grandmother and desires to maintain this relationship.   

Ranique Norfolk DSS - Eastern .jpg

Tamia, 8                                         

Tamia is a girly girl! She loves all things pretty, frilly, and sparkly. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. Tamia likes to showcase her jewelry creations while paying special attention to what she wears. Her hair accessories must match her outfit. Tamia is active in church and participated in the Youth’s Easter Pageant. After school, Tamia participates in Tae Kwon Do with her older sister. Tamia enjoys school. She feels a since of pride when she earns good grades and/or positive reports from teachers.   

Tyler, 12

Tyler is outgoing and has lots of personality. Her outgoing personality immediately captures your attention. She is friendly and easily engaged. Tyler is inquisitive and is also prepared with a question to ask. Tyler enjoys attending school in person.  She has friends at school and a good rapport with her teaches who she continues to see via virtual classroom. Tyler takes pride in being good in Tae Kwon Do. Tyler loves mint chocolate chip ice cream and seafood rice. Tyler has a great relationship with her siblings and enjoys spending time together. She is the oldest.


Talan, 13

Talon enjoys listening to music, building with Legos, and playing video games.  He conducts himself well both independently and with older peers. Talon’s autism requires daily routines, interactions, and rituals with well-structured and regulated adults.  He is sensitive to certain textures and sounds.  Talon maintains a positive attitude and is an optimistic teen.   

Talan #2 - Va Beach DSS - Eastern.png