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Welcome to Virginia

One Church, One Child

Virginia One Church, One Child is a statewide adoption education and recruitment program.  Organized in 1985, our primary focus is finding families to adopt the hundreds of African American children who are waiting for a family.  The organization is a part of the state’s collaborative efforts to reduce the number of children who languish in the public foster care system.  Since the late nineties, VA One Church, One Child has broadened its recruitment efforts to include targeted and child-specific recruitment on behalf of any waiting child.  We work with churches across the commonwealth to educate and identify adoptive families.  Recruitment through churches is complemented by outreach and adoption education with individuals, community groups, social clubs, civic associations, professional groups, and businesses.


The core program is funded by the Virginia Department of Social Services.  Additional support is provided by special project grants and contributions from churches, individuals, and private sources.

Finding families

so that no child languishes in

foster care.

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You, your church, your business, your organization can make a difference 

This website funded in part by the VA Department of Social Services

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